Zachary Clemente for The Beat:

Out today, likely timed with this week’s release of the hardcover physical release of their originally digital-only endeavor The Private Eye, Barrier #1 hit Panel Syndicate from the exact same team. It’s follows the tried and true distribution method of pay what you what for a DRM-free copy in your choice of PDF, CBR, or CBZ formats. Like before, it’s a landscape-oriented comic to work better with digital devices. It’s 52-pages of comics goodness and stated to be the first of five total installments.

Barrier’s incredibly compelling and, unsurprising for BKV, salient first issue is about a woman from the southern tip of Texas named Liddy who patrols the US/Mexico border and Oscar, a man from Honduras who’s willing to do just about anything to cross into the United States.

Fans of The Private Eye will recognize not only the team but the publishing model used here. The book itself sounds topical, given the state of the world, and looks amazing visually because of the work put in by Martin and Vicente.

If you’re not familiar with Panel Syndicate, they offer books on a pay-what-you-want model. That’s not to say you shouldn’t pay for the books, but it’s a flexible structure for all readers so they can experience it regardless of their financial situation while rewarding the creators for their work.