Jude Terror for Bleeding Cool:

That’s right, in addition to Amazing Spider-Man #17 and #18, March will also see the release of Amazing Spider-Man #16.HU, not to be confused with February’s Amazing Spider-Man #16.

Where will it fit in with Legacy numbering? Who knows?!

I find the number juggling Marvel likes to do makes it even harder to keep track of which issue is which. Marvel made a habit of it a few years ago and I hope this isn’t the start of it all over again.

A year from now, when I finally go through and organize my books, I’m certain I’ll have all sorts of trouble remembering if the 16.HU issue goes before or after issue 16, which was a constant problem when dealing with the mountain of .1 and .AU issues years back. How does it fit, as mentioned in the article, into the legacy numbering?