Rich Johnston for Bleeding Cool:

But today DC Comics cancelled all orders [of Batman Damned #3], promising it will be resolicited at a later date, for May.

I wouldn’t hold my breath though. There has been no more sign of any other new Black Label projects to be published, despite several having been announced ages ago. Editorial has been micromanaging many projects, as the cancellation of Second Coming proves.

From a customer perspective, DC’s Black Label has been a disappointment. I don’t say that because of what’s been released or what was at one point planned for release. I’ve loved the first two issues of Batman Damned, and SGM’s Batman: White Knight, although technically not Black Label, is great.

The reason I’ve been disappointed with Black Label is DC’s back-pedalling. They promised a mature comic book line and then went back on their word at the first sign of trouble: a silhouette of Batman’s junk. I hope we see more books released under the Black Label line, the idea of it is great, but the execution thus far has been anything but.

On a positive note, speaking about Batman Damned, writer Brian Azzarello has confirmed that the final issue will be released.