Megan Peters for Comic Book:

Today, Marvel Comics has announced an ongoing Black Cat series is coming this summer, and it will get into some high-strung heist drama.

The upcoming series will be penned by Jed Mackay while Travel Foreman oversees penciling.

Felicia’s always been one of my favourite supporting characters in Amazing Spider-Man and, despite a number of mini-series over the years, I’ve always thought her character could stand on her own if given the chance with a solid creative team.

I’m not overly familiar with Jed Mackay’s work but I’ve followed Travel Foreman’s art over the years. The team’s work on Daughters of the Dragon was well-received and I’m optimistic about Black Cat.

Felicia’s been through a lot lately, following her evil turn in the previous volume of Amazing Spider-Man. Nick Spencer’s done damage control and this book should get her back on track, breaking away from the Spider-Man books for a while.