Jesse Schedeen for IGN Comics:

Fans of Tom King’s Batman saga can rest easy. Though we learned earlier this week that King is leaving the series sooner than expected, his story will continue in a new form. Today DC announced a new 12-issue Batman/Catwoman comic debuting in January 2020.

Batman/Catwoman not only reunites the two lovers for the first time since Bruce Wayne was left at the altar in Batman #50, it also re-teams King with Heroes in Crisis artist Clay Mann.

When word broke last week that Tom King’s Batman run would be ending short of his promised 100 issues, I was, like many others, disappointed. While his run hasn’t been without issue, the story he’s been telling since the beginning is ambitious, heartbreaking, and worthy of completion.

Batman/Catwoman is that.

DC’s plan here is clear: Move King away from the main book and open it up for someone else while allowing him to complete the story he’s been telling for the past 85~ issues surrounding Batman and Catwoman’s complicated relationship. It’s a frustratingly transparent way to protect the main continuity for people but it’s better than not letting the story be told at all.

I’ve always loved the dynamic between the two characters. I remember reading Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee’s Hush run and being disappointed with how little development was done with Batman and Catwoman’s relationship. By comparison, King’s run, while admittedly much longer, has added a ton of complexity and depth to their history and their potential future, particularly leading up to issue #50.

With this new book, I’m excited to see how the two come back together and how they move forward following the failed marriage and the cerebral beat-down Batman’s been dealing with it all.

King and Mann’s work on Heroes in Crisis was great so I’m expecting the same or better from them here and I can’t wait to see what they have planned for King’s last lap with the Dark Knight.