Tucker Chet Markus writing for Marvel:

The brand-new Super Villain is unveiled, the Marvel Universe reacts, and Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson are forced to contend with it all. But it may not be the Web-Head you’ve always known… “The story shows Peter Parker in a way you haven’t seen him before,” teases J.J.

It would be nice if every announcement like this wasn’t immediately met with a wave of hostility and negativity. With so little announced about the book’s plot, seeing comic fans dismiss it as something that won’t be worth reading or a publicity stunt is disappointing. It looks like a fun project for J.J. and a dream opportunity for his son.

And the “outrage” that this wasn’t a comic book adaptation of Spider-Man 4… really? I don’t know of anyone that was excited about the prospect of a fourth Raimi Spider-Man movie prior to this announcement. Getting upset that this ridiculous theory proved false is absurd.

As for the mini-series itself, Will the book fit into the main Spider-Man canon or is it a stand-alone story? I’m curious to see what the Abrams’ bring to Spider-Man’s universe as non-comic book creators. I can’t remember the last book I read with Sara Pichelli on art (Fantastic Four?) so that’ll be nice. I’ve always been a big fan of her work.