Jamie Lovett for Comic Book:

Marvel is giving Spider-Woman her own series. Launching in March 2020, Spider-Woman sees Jessica Drew going solo again. The series is written by Karla Pacheco (Punisher Annual, Fantastic Four 2099) and Pere Perez (Uncanny X-Men).

I enjoyed what Marvel did years back with Jess’ redesigned outfit but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to see her back in her iconic yellow and red suit. I’m personally not familiar with Pere Perez’s work but what I’ve seen online looks good.

One thing that does worry me about this new series, as mentioned in the article above, is that his is the seventh volume of Spider-Woman. Granted, it’s been four years since volume six ended but it’s another example of Marvel’s relentless relaunching of a character that, in my opinion, drives newer readers away.

That’s not to say books with large volume numbers and relaunches can’t be successful. Captain Marvel is currently on its 11th volume with writer Kelly Thompson and artist Carmen Carnero and is arguably the best it’s been in years. Who’s to say that Spider-Woman can’t do the same?