Joe Grunenwald for The Beat:

Cindy Moon is getting another day in the sun. Marvel has announced a new ongoing series for Spider-Man spin-off character Silk. The series will be written by novelist and first-time comics writer Maurene Goo, and illustrated by Takeshi Miyazawa (Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider, Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane), with the first issue of the series sporting a cover by Stonehouse.

It’s great to see the character back, and being written by a Korean American woman no less. I’ve always dug Silk from her appearances in ASM and I’m hoping this new series helps her carve her own path, independent of Spider-Man’s books.

It doesn’t hurt that Takeshi Miyazawa’s on the book who, as I’ve mentioned a dozen or more times before, I’ve been a huge fan of since his work on Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane in the mid-2000s.