Joe Grunenwald for The Beat:

The first allegation came when artist Aviva Artzy revealed on Twitter that Stewart had groomed her when she was 16 years old and Stewart was in his early 30s.

As Artzy’s tweets circulated, other women came forward alleging that Stewart had done the same to them. Writer/artist Kate Leth tweeted that she was either 20 or 21 when a 32-year-old Stewart groomed her.

As a longtime fan of Stewart’s work, this is so disappointing to hear and it’s shocking that it was well known among other creators for so long. As some have pointed out on Twitter, it seems like a startling amount of male comic book creators, many of which you’d have to think heard about these incidents over the years, remaining silent online instead of condemning the behaviour and supporting the people coming forward with these stories.

The comic book industry has a terrible history with older, male professionals misbehaving around younger, less experienced women who are new to comics. How many more stories like this are we going to have to hear before things actually change? How many men in the industry are going to just continue to stand by and watch it happen? If you see it, say something.

I’ve unfollowed Stewart, who has since set his social media accounts to private, on both Twitter and Instagram and I’d recommend others do the same. It’s the least many of us can do in this situation. I’d also shared some of his work on my Tumblr page a few years ago and have removed those too.