Heidi MacDonald for The Beat:

The comics industry woke up with an overwhelming collective sense of sorrow this morning, as news of as much as one third of DC Comics’ editorial staff was laid off yesterday amid huge cuts at WarnerMedia in general. DC was hit hard losing almost an entire level of editorial executives – but many familiar industry figures were also let go. As scattered as people are due to COVID, the comics community felt yesterday intensely and came together to urge support for most who lost their jobs.

Sad stuff coming out of DC Comics this week. Crazy to think this all happens right before DC’s big Fandome event, which will undoubtedly have a shadow cast over it now because of this unfortunate news.

One of the more frustrating parts of this announcement, aside from the fact that a ton of good people lost their jobs in the middle of a pandemic, is the stubbornness of DC to abandon the Black Label imprint. I’ve long thought it was criminally under-utilized but every couple months the company would announce a new book and I’d assume they had finally figured it out, which apparently is not the case.

More importantly, I’m hopeful those effected by the layouts find new work quickly. Between the established companies like IDW, Dark Horse, and Image, or newcomers like TKO, and AWA, you have to hope that there are enough places for people to land.