George Marston for Newsarama:

Kevin Wada has become one of Marvel’s go-to artists for redesigning and updating their characters’ looks, and his latest effort turns his fashion-inspired style on Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, in preparation for her upcoming solo series written by James Robinson.

It’s fascinating to see behind the curtains for the upcoming Scarlet Witch solo book. Wada briefly describes his process on creating Wanda’s beautiful new look and shares his initial sketches, concepts, and versions that didn’t make the cut.

While i’d assumed for a while now that he’d be providing either interior art or covers for the series, that’s not the case. The creative team Marvel’s lined up for the book, with David Aja on covers, Vanessa Del Rey on interiors, looks more than capable and, with the artists changing up with every couple issues, we’ll be seeing a ton of variety.