Alex Abad-Santos for Vox:

While a First Family reunion and subsequent integration into the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be a sentimental and feel-good story, the Four aren’t what Marvel needs (or, at this point, likely wants). What Marvel needs are good villains, and it just so happens that one of most iconic Marvel villains ever created is actually bundled into Fantastic Four’s film rights.

That’s right: The best part of the Fantastic Four is actually Doctor Doom.

It’s easy to overlook Doctor Doom’s impact on superhero films, given that he’s been a part of some serious duds over the past few years but his presence in Marvel’s comic book universe is a different story.

While Marvel has all but forgotten about the comic book incarnations of Reed, Sue, Ben and Johnny, Doom has been ruling over the Marvel U for some time within the pages of Jonathan Hickman’s New Avengers and Secret Wars.

He’s arguably the most important villain in Marvel’s comic book universe right now and would likely make for a pretty amazing Avengers villain on screen, if he were even given the proper treatment. If there’s any aspect to get excited about with the rumoured discussions between Marvel and Fox… it’s Doom.