Stephen Gerding for CBR:

“The thing about this is that it’s controversial, so we added more controversy,” explained Azzarello. “I think she is stronger than the men in her life in this story. She controls the men in her life in this story.”

“They both make mistakes, but she’s the one who decides, ‘I have to stop. There’s a problem here, and I need to step away from this,’” Liu explained. “I think that comes from an emotional strength. I think she makes the decisions that strong people make.”

“She comes off as a stronger character at the end of that arc,” Azzarello agreed.

I’ve always felt like Barbara’s role in the original graphic novel wasn’t nearly as big as it should and could have been. I give credit to the team for taking a pretty massive risk on a movie that was ripe with controversy and expanding her story in a smart and respectful way.

To the people getting upset about this twist, it’s not as if this relationship hasn’t been hinted at or even depicted in the past.

I’ll reserve my thoughts until I’ve seen the movie.