Kyle Pinion for The Beat:

After years of (extremely) vocal fan enthusiasm, billboard ad buys, and one of the world’s biggest film studios continually course correcting their efforts to match their biggest competitor in the superhero movie wars; WB and Zack Snyder are reuniting to bring his version of Justice League to the small screen where it will debut on HBO Max next year.

Despite my dislike for Batman v Superman, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little excited to see what Snyder’s Justice League actually ends up being. Polygon has a great breakdown of several major rumoured changes and, assuming there’s enough footage that survived and the rumoured $20–30 million budget helps fill in the blanks, it sounds like it’ll be more interesting than what we got in the original cut.

This is, for lack of a better term, huge. While we’ve seen studios react to the internet in how they shape their populist leaning offerings, it’s unheard of that a version of a film that was shelved and seen release in a completely different form would then be revised due to the clamor of fandom alone.

Regardless of your opinion of Snyder, BvS, JL, etc, it’s hard not to get behind an artist that’s given the opportunity to see their original vision come to life. Honestly, I hope it’s everything the fans and Snyder wanted it to be.