Matt Patches for Polygon:

Early talk suggested Michael Keaton could potentially suit up as an older version of Batman, after starring in the original film version from 1989. And now it seems there are even more Batmen in the mix, with Affleck joining the cast. After appearing in HBO Max’s “Snyder Cut” of Justice League next year, the actor will appear alongside Miller in The Flash, set for the summer of 2022.

The comic book version of Flashpoint was a crazy, multiverse-spanning event that ended up bringing about the New 52. It completely changed the landscape of DC’s comic books for years. If the intention is to do something similar and correct the course of DC’s movies, the Flashpoint story should do the trick.

Before Affleck’s return was announced, I think many were assuming the Flash movie would have to take a different direction, given the reception of Justice League, Affleck leaving, Cavill’s future as Superman in question, etc. Now, it’s looking like this will be how DC consolidates their confusing movie continuity and fully embraces the multiverse, something they’ve built comic book stories around for decades.

I overall enjoyed Affleck’s performance in Batman v Superman, despite having a terrible script to work with. His Bruce Wayne was laughably oblivious to the plot he was involved in and driven entirely by rage, something completely uncharacteristic of the world’s greatest detective, but he looked and moved exactly like Batman should and I thought he had good chemistry with Cavill’s Superman.