Gavia Baker-Whitelaw for Daily Dot:

It’s wonderfully refreshing to see Vision and Scarlet Witch completely abandon their roles in MCU canon. Obviously, there will be some superpowered explanation for their bizarre sitcom life, where each episode deposits them into a different decade of American TV. The show drops plenty of clues about why they might be trapped in the suburbs, along with numerous Marvel canon Easter eggs.

My wife and I watched the first two episodes tonight and, as big fans of Wanda and Vision in the comics, enjoyed the two characters finally getting the attention they deserve.

The subtle details and relentless dedication to the retro, sitcom-style look and feel is awesome and the easter eggs hidden in the show didn’t go unnoticed. Moments where the lines blur and cracks in Wanda and Vision’s world start to show are genuinely unsettling and I’m looking forward to seeing where the next episodes go.