Heidi MacDonald for The Beat:

Mockingbird writer Chelsea Cain, the bestselling author of Heartsick and other thrillers, deleted her Twitter account today after receiving abusive tweets yesterday.

In a now vanished series of tweets […] Cain noted that she was getting harassing tweets, presumably over the above Mockingbird cover and her work there in general. It’s possible that she was targeted from 4chan or Reddit as well.

It’s crap like this that makes reading comics in 2016 almost embarrassing to admit to. These people should be ashamed of themselves.

What’s even more frustrating is that this is yet another case of Twitter’s complete lack of control on abuse. While other social networks have begun rolling out tools for their users to help prevent this thing from happening, Twitter is content in releasing updates to remove links and usernames from character limits. Perfect, give people even more characters to harass comic book creators with.