Chris Plante for The Verge:

“It was Duke [Nukem] replaced with [the character] Bombshell.” The heroine, a former explosives expert named Shelley Harrison, was to play a supporting role in the original Duke Nuke game; when the lawsuit stymied development, the team cut Duke and bumped Bombshell into the lead role.

It’s clear Interceptor wanted to make a Duke Nukem game, but perhaps the best thing about Bombshell is that Duke Nukem isn’t in it. The most interesting thing about Bombshell may just be Bombshell.

For the sake of clarification, this was definitely meant to be the next Duke Nukem game. After legal issues between the company that created him and the company that now owns him, that game was put on hold and them modified into a new title that starred the Bombshell character.

The game was previewed in May of 2014 and met with a sea of criticism because of the lacklustre graphics, ankle deep character development, and gratuitous shots of the scantly clad main character. Since then, the team at 3D Realms and Interceptor have overhauled the entire game adding more depth, a respectable protagonist with more clothes and a personality, and a story worth playing through.