Alice O’Connor for Rock Paper Shotgun:

Fancy space games are certainly more common now than when Star Citizen was announced but Cloud Imperium’s space ’em up is still the flashiest. The devs are still working on its core elements and pulling them together into a concrete whole, but that’s starting to look pretty dang swish all right. During Gamescom last week they showed off an hour-long gameplay preview of alpha 3.0, with two players in a ship flying down from space, through a planet’s atmosphere, to land at a settlement, wander around, and pick up a contract from a proper voice-acted NPC.

Every time I get around to checking out the latest news from Star Citizen’s development, I’m surprised by what they’ve done since the last time I checked in. Previously, many of the game’s elements were broken into bite-sized chunks but wouldn’t connect to form the game that was initially pitched.

Now, we finally have a cohesive experience that gives a much better idea of what the game will look like when it ships.