Andy Chalk for PC Gamer:

When the sale began, the store was bathed in the soothing red glow of dusk and surrounded by trees whose red leaves had not yet fallen. A small, white cat-like thing stood on the sidewalk out front, while a customer at the counter chatted idly with Newell. It was pleasant.

Now, however, it’s nighttime at the Steam Store. The streets are bathed in shadow. More worryingly, they’re also apparently being overrun by writhing Cthulhu-esque horrors. The customer from earlier struggles in the grip of a giant black tentacle that’s burst forth from the sewers, while in the background a squid-headed monstrosity looms.

The artist of the piece, waneella, is one of my absolute favourite pixel artists. In fact, I don’t remember when I had anything other than her art as the wallpaper on my phone. It’ll be interesting to see if the art evolves more as the sale wraps up.