Max Miceli for Dot Esports:

Mixer released a few changes to its platform today, including a redesigned homepage, ad breaks, and higher quality emotes. The initiative comes about half a year after the platform pinned down popular content creators shroud and Ninja for exclusive streaming rights deals.

Some great quality of life changes and major updates to the platform. I’ve thought Mixer’s design was solid for a while, this refines what was working before.

The new homepage design doesn’t reinvent the wheel but does put emphasis on featured creators in a unique way. Hopefully this will surface a number of creators that weren’t getting attention before. I love the look of the big featured player at the top of the screen in relation to the creator’s name, title, etc and the carousel of other streams below it is nice.

The spacing between the streams and the categories are nice, it’s easy to scan through while looking for something to watch and adding in better clips support and clearer notifications is a big help too.