The subtle adjustments to the glitch logo are nice fine and I like the updated logomark more than the original, which, as someone who loved the old logo, I never thought I’d say. I think it’s the consistent border and distances in the open letters (W, C, T) that’s selling it for me. The larger radius on the button corners and circular pills for tags are a nice touch that I feel modernizes the look. I like the new typeface Roobert) but I think they’ll need to make adjustments to weights (ie: the sidebar “followed channels”) throughout the site.

The new purple is nice, especially in the dark version of the website, but I’ll miss the previous one. It would be nice to see them use a combination of the two. Speaking of dark mode, while the dark palette of the site looks fine, the light version feels… off. Maybe too much white space? Weird contrast with the shading of the sidebar? I can’t put my finger on it but it doesn’t gel like the previous version did. That said, I almost exclusively use the dark version and I’d have to assume many other users are the same. I’m glad it’s something they offer to those that want or need it.

I know they’ve said this is the beginning of the work they’re doing but I hope they have something planned on the overall user experience of the site. The navigation feels cluttered, items are hidden, the dashboard is all over the place, panels are hard to organize and display effectively, and discoverability of channels isn’t good.

I’m into the new look. Next, I’d like to see them tackle deeper UX issues.