Jacob Kastrenakes for The Verge:

According to BuzzFeed News, Apple is planning to debut a revamped Apple TV at its World Wide Developers Conference. The new box will reportedly support third-party apps, voice control with Siri, and presumably the internet-TV service that The Wall Street Journal described earlier this week.

With rumours that this year’s iOS and Mac OS releases, which debut traditionally at Apple’s WWDC event, will be more bug squashing updates instead of the feature loaded ones we’ve seen over the past few years, Apple’s got to fill the void.

A new Apple TV has been a long time coming and with the rumoured television deals the company has made, all the stars seem to be aligning for just that. Apple’s committed to home automation, which makes the idea of a new HomeKit device more likely.

Siri integration seems like it makes sense, given what we’ve seen recently with Amazon and their Echo/Alexa device. If there were an option for it to be always listening or for your phone to pair and act as a speaker, and with the inclusion of an App Store being a no-brainer, this could be a home run.