There were interesting announcements from Apple today at WWDC. Here’s a quick rundown of a couple that stood out for me.

macOS Catalina looks solid. It’s nice to see Apple finally bring iTunes behind the shed and put it out of its misery. I couldn’t help but laugh when Craig Federighi said that “customers love iTunes”. The new Podcast app is a good first step. It’ll be interesting to see how the build on it over the next few months/years.

iPadOS is a sight for sore eyes after years of making iOS work on a device that it wasn’t designed for. Sidecar looks like it’ll be really helpful. I can see myself using my device as an extra display.

It was funny to see the handful of new features, gesture typing on iOS, multi-user on HomePod, that were lifted from Android and Google Home’s updates over the past couple years.

I’m surprised we didn’t get news of third-party audio support for SiriKit though, given all the animosity between Spotify and Apple. I feel as though that might have been a reasonable way to show support.

Lastly, the Mac Pro is beastly. I’ll never own one but the people who do will not be disappointed and it was nice to see big companies and devs getting amped up about it.

From a non-Developer perspective, I thought it was a pretty solid keynote. I’m looking forward to the tidbits that will undoubtedly come out from seminars and workshops over the next couple of days.