Jon Fingas for Engadget:

Do you prefer the iPhone, but would like to use Google’s calendar app to keep track of your life rather than Apple’s own? That’s finally an option. Google Calendar has launched for the iPhone, giving you the same schedule view, Gmail events and broad account support (including Exchange and iCloud) as your Android-toting buddies.

Google’s gorgeous Material Design-y calendar finally arrives on iPhone and should be an instant replacement for people who use the stock iOS calendar.

While it’s not as rich in features as Sunrise, which includes a Notification Center widget (Google Calendar v2.0?), and a desktop version of the application for Mac, i’d argue it’s the best looking option on iPhone with buttery smooth performance, fun graphics for the month headings, maps displayed for location based events, and more.

One thing that does bug me is the truncated app title on my home screen, which i’m sure everyone else would argue is a small concern and the definition of a first world problem.

Still, Google’s new calendar app is more than worth your time. It’ll sync with a variety of services, so you’re not just limited to those that Google provides, and you’ll be able to check out Material Design in all it’s wonderfully colourful glory.