Tom Warren for The Verge:

Mac vs. PC is always fun. It’s a never-ending war of words between Apple fans and Microsoft fans, mixed with tech spec comparisons of GHz, nits, and RAM speed. While Apple was busy unveiling a new 12-inch MacBook without any full-sized USB ports, PC makers took the opportunity to mock the future they’ll inevitably adopt.

While it’s a factor, the height of a laptop has never made the difference between me buying or not buying one. If PC manufacturers are going to fire shots at the new MacBook, the ports argument might be more worth their time. That said, it seems like a matter of time before we move away from cords and ads like these will be even sillier than they are already.

Speaking of ports, if I were Lenovo, I’d have chosen a more flattering image of the YOGA 3 Pro. Maybe one that isn’t a close-up shot showing what appears to be poorly cut, dirty(?) USB ports on the side of their computer.