The Rivalry:

We were invited to create a new visual identity for GOOGLE that would adapt to the ever-evolving multi-screen world, without losing the speed and simplicity users love. No small task with over 12 billion searches made monthly and ~200 GOOGLE products to consider. The result is a dynamic system of components beyond the iconic logo.

This is a great case study. I love seeing how an identity of this size appears across a number of surfaces and I can appreciate the work the team put into having a clear, consistent message and vision. The difference between design at Google a handful of years ago and design at Google now, there’s a night and day difference.

Given how it was covered during the initial reveal, I always assumed that Google had developed the logo in-house. It’s interesting to see not only a company the size of Google taking much of their design work outside its own walls but having their Material team work closely alongside other design firms.