Tim Hardwick for MacRumors:

Details about the upcoming Apple Music redesign have been shared by 9to5Mac. It is said to feature a “bolder, yet simpler” design that puts an emphasis on black and white backgrounds and text and more of a focus on album art. The “New” tab in Apple Music is being replaced with a “Browse” option with better organizational tools for finding new content, and Apple will encourage users to use a simplified “For You” section.

Connect, Apple Music’s artist-focused social network, will remain unchanged, as will Beats 1 Radio.

Judging from what we’ve heard about it, this sounds like more of a handful of UX changes than a full overhaul but considering the fact that Apple Music has gone almost a year without any major changes, this will go a long way in fixing the initial shortcomings.

Washing out the colours, cleaning up the interface, and reorganizing the tabs and information will bring the service closer to ones such as Google Play Music.

I’ve always liked the idea of having my music deeply integrated into my iPhone and iPad but the confusing way everything is organized and the fragmented system of local and cloud music doesn’t work for me. Play Music’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” playlists, and simple interface won me over long ago. I’m interested to see if Apple can win me and others back.