Russell Holly for Android Central:

This is a fantastic phone, but there’s clearly room for improvement and it’s important to remember that as we place this phone on its pedestal. And yeah, I miss the Note 7. I can’t have a Note 7 though, and the S7 edge isn’t nearly as comfortable to hold and use. So it’s a Pixel for me for now, in hopes that Google figures out how to really push for premium next time.

I’ve never been able to wrap my head around the “make it or break it” attitude people have for expandable storage and wireless charging. For starters, I’ve yet to have an experience with expandable storage on an Android phone that wasn’t clunky and frustrating. Storage is mishandled from app to app, causing errors and weird file management issues, at which point I remove my memory card and use the phone without it.

As for Wireless charging, it’s always been a half-baked idea in my opinion. I’ve owned a couple phones that had the capability to charge wirelessly and never once thought it was something that worked well or added much value. Between the technology failing outright or the phone needing to be adjusted constantly to have the charging kick in, I think we’re waiting for a feature like this to find its footing.

In my experience, these features don’t yet deliver a consistently premium experience, why expect them in a premium phone?