Ghost 4.0 ↦

Almost exactly 8 years ago, we announced the first prototype of Ghost on Kickstarter. Today, over 20,000 commits later we’re releasing Ghost 4.0, the latest major version of the product, as well as small refresh of our brand.

Its exciting to see John and the team roll out the much-anticipated new version of Ghost that includes a new dashboard, optimizations to the subscription UI, updates to the member management tools, and more.

While I’ve moved away from Ghost over the past few months as my needs have changed, for anyone launching a newsletter, building a community around their work, or looking to monetize their content, I can’t recommend it enough, especially with the new $9/mth plan announced today.

I wanted to touch on a quietly mentioned part of this release being the refresh they’ve done to the brand itself. If you follow them on social media, it’ll appear subtle but visit the Ghost website, and it’s anything but. I love the vibrant hits of colour, the attitude in the writing, the confidence the new look evokes. I’m interested to see how it will evolve in future updates.