The $159 OnePlus Watch is OnePlus’ first smartwatch ↦

It’s taken years, but OnePlus is finally getting in the smartwatch game with the newly announced OnePlus Watch, starting at $159.

It’s nice to see someone else entering the wearable market, considering the features and price point. I’d love to see the OnePlus Watch help drive more competition on the Android side of things and drum up interest from other companies to deliver new Wear OS devices.

The two week battery life and Warp charging are appealing and I’ll be interested to see how those numbers translate to real-world usage when people start using them. The fitness features sound great and, at $160, should make the watch an enticing option for people looking for a Fitbit alternative, assuming it’s advertised well.

One thing I couldn’t help but laugh at was the graphic showing all the features of the watch, which looks alarmingly similar to the ones Apple has been using for their device announcements recently.