Jordan Devore for Destructoid:

I know people who are anticipating the next Witcher 3 expansion, Blood & Wine, more than just about anything else on the docket for this year (which is exactly how I am with Souls add-ons, so, I get it). Sometimes, it’s easy to forget how good DLC can be when it isn’t rushed out.

Still no confirmed release date, but we do have several new screenshots today. Pretty as usual.

I can’t think of a game I’ve stick with as intently as I have The Witcher 3. I’ll buy season passes for games long before I complete them, assuming that i’ll likely get to the extra content once I’ve completed the main game but that rarely happens. By the end, I’m exhausted by the idea of the game or have something new to play that I forget I even have access to the DLC and move on to the next one.

The Witcher 3 is different. It was by far the best thing I played last year and I know i’ll have no issue putting off other games to play through the Blood & Wine DLC when it finally arrives.