Austin Walker for VICE:

So, you connect and head to one landmark, you wait for it to load in. It fails to load in, but hey, there’s a Pidgey! You click on the Pidgey, the game crashes. When you boot it back up, the Pidgey is gone. You start to walk a bit further but in game but you’ve been locked in place, so you stand around and wait for it to catch up. You’re stationary and locked to your phone in a way that makes you look like a tourist in your own neighborhood. There’s no flow here, no rhythm to disappear into.

The strangest thing is none of that may matter. Because it’s Pokémon and it’s communal and every now and then you turn the corner and see a man slouching over a mailbox and there at is feet is an Ekans and you think hah, yea, okay, this works.

In my time with the game, I experienced an incredible amount of bugs and issues including constant logging out when the app was running in the background, numerous crashes, and a massive drain on my phone’s battery. To be honest, it wasn’t fun to play.

People are having a blast with the game, which is great, it’s too much of a technical mess for me to spend more time with.