Jenni Lada for Siliconera:

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has issued a “Mature” rating for Resident Evil VII and, in so doing, has put together a rating summary that tells us more about the game’s hero and plot. We will be following a man named Ethan who happens to be looking for his wife. This description notes that his search takes him to a mansion filled with mutant creatures, not zombies, which he’ll have to defeat to survive.

I’m interpreting this as somewhat of a reimagining of the original game, in which the members of a special forces team take refuge inside a mansion to find their friend and partner. The mansion, located somewhere close to the middle of nowhere, was littered with zombies and other horrors, much like this house that Ethan finds himself in looking for his wife.

After reading the synopsis, I wish even more that they would have called this game Resident Evil, dropping the VII from the title, much like Konami was planning on doing with Silent Hills. Firstly, because this sounds nothing like a proper sequel to 6. Secondly, because there’s an eye-roll associated with almost double digit sequels that I’d like to see this series avoid. Not to name names or anything.