DualSense: their next-gen wireless controller.

I’ve always felt like the updates to the original PlayStation controller were minor, tacked-on changes that, at this point, have created a great deal of design debt when it comes to the form of the controller.

The DualSense, on the other hand, appears to be a legitimate evolution of the PlayStation controller, something I feel hasn’t happened since the addition of DualShock to the original PlayStation controller back in 1997.

The new functionality of Sony’s new DualSense controller does sound like it’ll help to deliver new experiences to players, in particular the haptics and sound, but the ergonomics, refined adaptive triggers, and more.

As for the aesthetics, the controller itself looks beautiful. It’s simple, clean, and subtly futuristic without seeming obnoxious, particularly in white. I do wish they would have kept the coloured shapes on the buttons but that might have compromised the look they were going for here.