This digital showcase will run for a bit more than an hour and, for the first time, we will all be together virtually experiencing the excitement together. A lack of physical events has given us an amazing opportunity to think differently and bring you on this journey with us, and hopefully, closer than ever before. This is part of our series of PS5 updates and, rest assured, after next week’s showcase, we will still have much to share with you.

I love the look of the DualSense controller Sony showed off in April and I’m hopeful the console itself will have a similar look and feel. I’d love for it to have a reduced form factor than the original PS4 and Xbox One units, though I understand that’s a tall order considering the power and size of the internals.

In terms of importance, while I’m interested in the final look of the hardware, it’ll ultimately be the games that will drive my decision in purchasing the console. I’ve been happy playing PC for the past year and without any big exclusives or features, I don’t know how eager I’ll be to run out and grab a new system.

On a sidenote, speaking of games, it’s an interesting dance they’re doing with the release of current generation games in the next few months and a new console by year’s end, clearly why they’re pushing for remaining PS4 releases to be compatible with the upcoming PS5.

Honestly, I have mixed feelings about this whole next generation of consoles. On one hand, I’m excited to see what the PlayStation 5 and Xbox (or Series X… I guess?) bring to the table but I’m convinced this will be the last generation of consoles as we know them. With the surge of companies trying to make game streaming work, including Sony and Microsoft, it seems like a matter of time until one of them gets it right and, at that point, hardware like the PS5 and Xbox Series X won’t matter.