I was impressed with the Sony event today, in particular Capcom’s Pragmata, Insomniac’s Spider-Man sequel, and the Demon Souls remake to name a few.

The hardware looks good, though I think I prefer the look of Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Series X. That said, I’m impressed with the risk and bold departure from the previous style of consoles Sony shown here. I’m excited there will be two versions — one with a disc drive and one without — available for customers at launch. I’d had some rough experiences trying to go completely digital early in the PS4’s life but, as time has gone on, it’s been much better. In fact, the last three games I’ve bought have been delivered digitally without issue.

Another minor detail in the event I enjoyed was the transitions between the different trailers themed around the iconic PlayStation buttons. These elements, in addition to the white, blue, and black colour scheme sprinkled in everywhere (including on the console itself), show how firm of a grasp Sony has on the PlayStation brand/marketing this time around.

Based on what we’ve seen from both Microsoft and Sony, there’s no question I’ll be investing in the PlayStation 5 before the Xbox Series X (or whatever they end up calling it?). The presentation today had it all for me: great games from established franchises that I love, new IPs to get excited about, and a commitment to great experiences with cutting-edge hardware.