Andy Robinson for VGC:

Responding to the confusion on Twitter, Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg claimed that all first-party games are being developed for Xbox Series X “first” and that it is up to studios to decide if they also release for Xbox One.


In a frank discussion with this month, Spencer went even further by stating that he believed generational exclusives were “completely counter to what gaming is about.”

Much surrounding the new Xbox is confusing to me. From the name and possible variations in hardware, to the exclusivity of games, to how the xCloud service fits into all this. It’s like either something is getting lost in translation during these events and interviews, or one arm isn’t talking to the other.

Sony has set clear expectations for the PS5. Here is the hardware. Here are the games. They’re not doing anything groundbreaking but it’s easy to wrap your head around it all. I understand what I need to get up and running. With the Xbox, it feels overly complicated and could end up costing them users if they don’t nail down the pitch.

As for yesterday’s event, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, As Dusk Falls, and State of Decay 3 all caught my eye but I’ll be playing them on PC, likely via Xbox Game Pass.