Chris Moyse for Destructoid:

Given the tense, stealth-action gameplay, deep comic-book lore, and decadent, globe-trotting opulence featured in the studio’s string of excellent Hitman titles, the partnership of IOI and Bond is an absolute no-brainer. Given IOI’s pedigree, Project 007 could well turn out to be the title the studio was born to make, one that will leave fans shaken and stirred.

As Chris alludes to in his article, I can’t think of a better studio to take the on the Bond franchise, given IO’s work on the Hitman games. The last few Bond games, while not bad by any means, weren’t overly original or memorable. The care and craft that IO’s demonstrated with their work over the last 20 years should give both Bond and video game fans a sense of relief.

It’s an interesting turn, considering IO’s split from Square Enix in 2017 looked like it could put the future of the studio in jeopardy. Now, they’re self-publishing the next Hitman and working on a brand as prestigious as James Bond. The future looks like it’s never been brighter for them.