Microsoft, Amazon and Google are targeting ‘big names’ for buyouts, journalist claims ↦

It’s interesting to consider that, when compared to Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are both flush with IPs and studios to create them but lack the technology to compete in the cloud gaming space.

Alternatively, when it comes to gaming in the cloud, Amazon and Google are more than capable of competing or even overtaking Microsoft but lack IPs or studios to create exclusive games for them.

Breaking it down like this, it’s easy to see why Microsoft, Amazon, and Google would be front-runners in these reported acquisitions as they look to pad their portfolios for gaming’s inevitable shift to the cloud.

Nintendo has little to worry about, in my opinion. They’ve always been an exception to the winds of change in gaming because of their catalog of games and IPs. People will always buy Nintendo games and consoles because they’re Nintendo and nostalgia sells.

I’m a little more concerned for Sony. After a couple attempts at streaming with PlayStation Now and the purchase of Gaikai back in 2012, They’ve never made much of a dent in cloud gaming. This is almost certainly the direction the industry will go, how will Sony handle that when Google, Amazon, and Microsoft take it mainstream?