Jordan Devore for Destructoid:

A dog shelter management game is a solid idea that should immediately click with a lot of people, myself included. I’ve run all sorts of failed virtual ventures, from theme parks to farms to hospitals to entire cities, but none of those scenarios feel as high-stakes as getting a new shelter off the ground.

I’m into this idea. I think it’s a unique spin on the sim genre and the art style, which has been overhauled, looks great. The game fell off my radar a while back but this is a nice update from the team and it’s great to see the development moving along smoothly.

I think it’s important to call out the generosity the team has shown towards animals outside of the game too:

The development team at Little Rock Games has pledged to donate “20 percent of profits to pet shelters,” which is honestly above and beyond what I would’ve expected.

If the game sounds interesting, make sure you wishlist it on Steam or follow along with the development via the team’s blog.