It’s been an exciting week for Mixer, one of Twitch’s rivals in the streaming space. In a week that saw major streamers like Shroud and Gothalion jump ship, it’s become clear that this is just the beginning of a long battle between the two services, which is super exciting to see. With that in mind, there’s a big challenge that Mixer has to face sooner than later.

Twitch is everywhere. No matter where I want to watch, phone, TV and/or console, computer, etc, there’s a way to do so effortlessly. On the other hand, Mixer is painfully difficult to watch if you’re doing so anywhere other than a computer or phone. This is a problem when I’m at home because I have little interest in sitting in front of my computer to watch a stream or on my couch staring at my phone.

Mixer has an app available for iOS, Android, and Xbox but if they’re serious about this whole thing, and it appears they are, they need to be everywhere. The iOS app strangely supports Chromecast but lacks AirPlay and not everyone has an Xbox. As Gothalion said earlier today, Mixer isn’t an Xbox platform but, to me, it sure feels like it based on the availability of apps and the user experience the available ones provide.

Getting AirPlay on the iOS app, Apple and Android TV apps, app for the PS4 and Switch, etc. It’s a big list and this takes time but this is Microsoft we’re talking about here. If anyone has the horsepower to make this happen, it’s them. Honestly, what good are all these big new streamers using the service if you can’t watch them?