Mariella Moon for Engadget:

Sean Parker, Napster co-founder and ex-Facebook president, is cooking up another big project.


If it sees the light of day, it’ll cost you $150 to buy the set-top box that transmits movies the same day they come out in the theatres. Every title will be available for you to watch within a 48-hour period, but you’ll have to pay $50 every time you view it. Steep, but at least you can watch movies in peace, without screaming kids and loud adults in the background.

$50 might seem steep but with the prices of movies going up because of new features, costs, features like 3D and D-Box, it’s not much of a stretch in terms of price.

Going to a movie with a friend would run you close if not over this amount when you include concessions and whatnot. Personally, I’d see a heck of a lot more movies on release day if this service were available.