Ben Schoon for 9to5Google:

Google Podcasts has been built out in beta on Android and the web over the past several months, and now it’s getting some big updates. Today, Google is releasing an official Google Podcasts app on iOS as it officially reveals a redesign for the service.

After months of flip-flopping on podcast players, I ended up settling on Apple’s and abandoning my desktop listening. The issue of syncing episodes between devices was common with other apps and services and I prefer to use the first-party app for something if it’s available.

It looks like Google’s app is rolling out to the App Store now so I’ll be giving it a try shortly. Assuming the syncing hold up, it’ll be nice to have the option of listening from the web player or desktop in situations where that’s more convenient.

As a bonus, Google’s podcast service works with Home devices so we’ll be able to play episodes that way. On the flip side, I’m not sure it supports CarPlay yet, which could be a deal-breaker.