Joe Rossignol for MacRumors:

The stainless steel Apple Watch retained fairly better shipping estimates after the pre-order window opened, with most models available to ship in 4-6 weeks after the first hour of availability.

That answers the question whether people would want to buy the Apple Watch or not. Though, if the delayed shipping schedule doesn’t have you convinced, there’s this.

To put that into perspective, Android Wear, the app needed to run your Android-based wearable of choice, has been downloaded between one and five million times since the watches first appeared last year. I’d love to be more accurate but Google has yet to release numbers of units sold.

Pebble took to Kickstarter to sell their new watch. Doing so, they sold roughly 79,000 watches in a month, including one to me. It’s apples to oranges, I get that, but it’s important to note.

It took Apple less than 24 hours to sell a million watches. Are they reinventing wearables? I’m not sure. Is it something everyone needs? I wouldn’t say so. It’s an Apple product. That alone gave the watch legs. The company has done a great job with the marketing of the device so that people know about it, which is something I feel Google should have done to make this a fair fight. Maybe Apple’s done the work for them?