Ben Lovejoy for 9to5Mac:

Apple has removed a potent weapon used by big players like Epic Games and Spotify. These companies love to pretend they are speaking up for small developers, rather than protecting their own interests. When Apple charges the same commission to a one-person business as it does to a tech giant, that’s a persuasive angle to take. Apple has now robbed them of this PR weapon.

This has been my biggest issue with the setup of the battle between Epic and Apple. Epic often talks of fighting for the smaller devs but the whole thing smells like a PR stunt to paint Apple as the big bad.

To be clear, I absolutely think Epic is right in regards to smaller developers being able to keep more of their money and grow but I believe these larger companies, the ones that are excluded from the program such as Epic, true intentions are to help themselves avoid paying the 30% first and foremost. If they can help the smaller apps along the way, fine. Without one (or several) of the heavy hitters speaking up, the smaller developers simply wouldn’t have enough leverage to get Apple to make a change like they have today.

If that really was their goal? Great! Mission accomplished. From my understanding, this is a huge win for the vast majority of devs who use the App Store to make a living. Should the fight between Epic and Apple continue, which it likely will, it’s going to look a lot more like multi-billion dollar companies is trying to pay as little as possible for a resource that helped get them to where they are today.