Abner Li for 9to5Google:

This 2nd-gen Nest Hub has “Sleep Sensing” powered by the Soli technology that first debuted on the Pixel 4 and was later used on the new Nest Thermostat for screen wake. Google set out to make sleep tracking, which is opt-in, more effortless and help people make nightly improvements.

There’s some really cool use of the Soli tech going on here but I’d be curious to know how it’ll sort out bedrooms with multiple people in them. From what I understand, each person will need their own Nest Hub if they want to track their sleep but how will Soli sort out which movements and sounds are coming from which person? Lots of interesting problems to solve there.

I’ve moved away from the Google ecosystem of smart home products for the most part but I’d be interested to see what sort of feedback people have when the device ships later this month, or how this might integrate with Fitbit, which Google bought back in 2019.